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Below are some visual comparisons of the college at various stages in its history.



aerial_postcard_1965_small aerial2_1930s_small
1930 1965 1930
aerial_1980s_1_small aerial_1980s_2_small aerial_1980s_3_small
Mid 1980s Mid 1980s Mid 1980s
frontcoll1_1935_small frontcoll2_1935_small back_coll_1935_small
1935 1935 1935
frontcoll2_2002_small It is not possible to
exactly match
 the angle of shot today
due to the growth
 of buildings and foliage
around the
site but pictures have been
approximately matched
to the original view.
2002   1935
backcoll_2002_small frontcoll2_2002_small backcoll2_2002_small
2002 2002 2002
  Aerial Views  
293J4244_small 293J4246_small 293J4247_small
2004 2004 2004
  Interior views  
hall1935_small corridor_small Downstairs_corridor_2010
1935 1930 2010
hall_2002_small corridor_2002_small Lower_corridor_2010
2002 2002 2010
Chemistry_lab_2010 The_refectory_2010 The_entrance_hall.2010
2010 2010  
pg-prospectus_small pg-old_crest_small prospectus_2004_05_small
1950? Old Crest 2004



These pictures are from the college archives. If you have any old or interesting material about the early days of the school that you would be willing to share on this site please contact us. We would be pleased to hear from you.


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