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Name: Michael Alexander

Change Of Name:

Years At Godhelmian: 1970-1976


Comments: Was there at the same time as Ben Elton - 60 this year doesn't time fly

Name: Tim Christmas

Change Of Name:

Years At Godhelmian: 1972 - 1979


Comments: Yes, I remember travelling by train and walking up and down Holloway Hill each day! The students and staff were amazing. Teachers included Mr Rollisson, Dr Bloss, Mr Hibbert, Mr Williams, Mr Planterose, Mrs Bailey, Mr Lee, Mr Bettison, Mr Watkins, Mr Whiting. Mr Dewar, the Head, used to read us stories in the occasional Geography lessons that he took! I joined the chess club run by Mr Harby and Mr Merit, and later the chess team, with Mr May taking us to away matches in the school minibus. One year we won the local chess league! The numerous school plays and musicals were very entertaining too!

Name: Lara Jane May

Change Of Name: Blair

Years At Godhelmian: 1973 - 1980


Comments: Always the youngest as we saw the end of the grammar school era.

Name: Ann Lewendon

Change Of Name:

Years At Godhelmian: 7


Comments: I was in the last 11+ intake for GGS, attending between 1973-1980.

Name: Linda Margaret Belton

Change Of Name: Jones

Years At Godhelmian: 1955-1963


Comments: I really enjoyed my years at the school and can remember the names of most of my A form classmates. and we have had a couple of private reunions in the old school canteen .Went into teaching and specialised in science. Ended up in FE.Please provide some information about your time at the college.

Name: Julie Wade

Change Of Name: Foot

Years At Godhelmian: 1970-1978


Comments: I loved my years in the Grammar School but hated Sixth Form. Went on to NESCOT. Now have 27 yr old son and work for Farlington Prep School.

Name: Robin Stanley West

Change Of Name:

Years At Godhelmian: 1956-1961


Comments: Taught by Ward Needham, Victor May, Christine England, Miss Purver et al. I was not a high achiever but life worked out really well. Finished up as a Senior Biomedical Scientist. Retired 2005.

Name: Adrian Marden

Change Of Name:

Years At Godhelmian: 1973 - 1978


Comments: I was in the final intake in 1973 and stayed into the first years as a sixth form college, leaving in 1980

Name: Celia Whiteside

Change Of Name: Boulton

Years At Godhelmian: 1958 to 1963


Comments: Mostly remember teachers Derek Copsey (my first year ) Mr Chisholm for Maths, David Stannard for Music - I still remember his assembly performances. Was intimidated to the point of sickening fear by some of the male teachers. Left after O level mock exams but had a successful career eventually

Name: Graham Haiselden

Change Of Name:

Years At Godhelmian: 1966 to 1971


Comments: Mainly enjoyed the sports - Played in school football and cricket teams and occasionally threw the javelin!
Left after O Levels in 1971 and worked for Surrey Public Libraries from then until retiring in 2015 (Chartered Librarian for 38 years). Now living in lovely Devon.

Name: Vivienne Webber

Change Of Name: White

Years At Godhelmian: 1958-1960


Comments: Please provide some information about your time at the college.

Name: Robin Cunnnghame Graham

Change Of Name: Graham

Years At Godhelmian: 1975-1977


Comments: Came from Clark's Grammar (Guildford) and resat two O Levels (French & History) and two A levels (Religious Studies & English Literature.

I was involved in the CU and Religious Assemblies and volunteered in the Library. Led and trained a team to ring handbells at the Founder's Day service. Did orienteering for sports.

Name: Peter Antony Ede

Change Of Name:

Years At Godhelmian: 1956-1963


Comments: I followed my two brothers, Fred Ede and Jim Ede, and got very used to being asked "why can't you do xxxxx like your brother?"!
I only have happy memories of my years at Godalming Grammar - and still dine out on my daily journey from darkest Shottermill by foot, bus, train and I'm sure I remember at least a two mile walk from the station and up Holloway Hill!
What a fantastic introduction to life - young boys and girls growing up together to young adulthood!

Name: Anthony John Reeves

Change Of Name:

Years At Godhelmian: 1950 to 1956


Comments: At the school 1950 - 1956
Had the dubious honour of being given the cane in the sixth form by Mr Wigfield our Headmaster along with Tony Strudwick!

Name: Jill Knights

Change Of Name: Halliwell

Years At Godhelmian: 1951-58


Comments: A Form.Netball,Hockey,Lacrosse teams, Tennis. Choir.Still in touch with classmates, Jennifer Young,Sheila Enticknap, Heather Strange, Pauline Marshall. Younger sister Kay an O.G. I remember all the staff who taught well and were caring. I have several photos to remind me of those days.

Name: Roger Dearling

Change Of Name:

Years At Godhelmian: 1958 - 1963


Comments: Attended from Sept 1958 to Jul 1963. Generally had a good time, but must be the only pupil to have Mr Jones write in ones maths book ' I'd be happier if you left' !!!
Lived from 1969 to 2010 in South Africa, resided in Bagshot until Feb. 2017. Now living in Whitchurch.

Name: Helen Elizabeth Dedman

Change Of Name: Haiselden

Years At Godhelmian: 1964-1971


Comments: Really enjoyed my time at the Grammar School. Lots of good memories. In Fearon House. Best friend Valerie Loebell. Won a form prize in the first year and the geography prize on leaving the school.

Name: Nigel David Enever

Change Of Name: none

Years At Godhelmian: 1958 to 1963


Comments: Played under 15 cricket and captained 2nd XI. Left with 3O levels but made up later by graduating in Estate Management in 1971. Currently Chair Lewes District Council and candidate in forthcoming County election. Elder brother Keith (1956 to 1960) was head boy 1959/60.

Name: Pauline Rosa Baldwin

Change Of Name: Marshall

Years At Godhelmian: 1951 to 1958


Comments: Went through the A stream. Mr Wigfield was Headmaster. Deputy Head was Miss Purver. In my first year Ronald Pover was killed in a road accident and a cup was donated in his honour.

Name: David Christopher Perry

Change Of Name:

Years At Godhelmian: 1969-1974


Comments: I joined in the 3rd form having moved to Cranleigh in 1969. Until 5th form I used to get the 8am coach from Cranleigh, but in 6th form I caught the Alford coach (which came via Cranleigh). I was one of only 4 sixth formers who was allowed to sit 4 A levels in 1974, all 4 of us passed all 4 A levels.

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