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Brian Strugnell


Very, very saddened to hear that my friend Brian Strugnell has passed away.

We go back a long way, in fact to Godalming Grammar School in the late 40s!Hardly seems possible, I think Brian was a year behind me – I recall him as a ‘tall tearaway’ in those days already taken up with his sweetheart Anne who he eventually happily married.

I left school Xmas 1950, got my first job with the Admiralty Signals Estab. and lo and behold, a few months later, Brian appeared!

After working together as good mates for a couple of years, (I remember a group going on a Youth Hostel trip to the Lakes), I did National Service as did Brian six months later.

Keeping in touch over the two years I recall towards the end letting Brian know about the famous BBC advert for TV PTOs & PTAs (pioneering days!) and again friend Brian followed me into the BBC, briefly I think in Shepherds Bush and then eventually to Wembley Outside Broadcasting. Jogging the memory at this point there was an appointment to Plymouth in the interim which suited Brian and Anne very well, particularly the sailing!

Sadly I had lost touch with Brian and Ann in recent years and I think my message is to continue to pay attention to your friendships, not to let them slip as I did in the last few years

Brian White 1945-1950



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