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As circulated by email (but with many bounces):


Dear OGA member


We are sorry to inform you that the officers and committee of the Association will be unable to continue as from now, due to ill health, relocation and advancing years.


We are conscious that this is the year for the biennial Reunion, with the college provisionally booked for 20 October, but this will not be possible unless a new committee can be formed. That said, Judy Stoker and I are very happy to advise as to past procedures.


We therefore invite your thoughts as to how take 20 October forward, and indeed on the future of the Association. We look forward to hearing from you and are very hopeful that a new committee can be formed. It would be a shame if the Association has to be archived.


Talking of which, I am in contact with Surrey County Council’s archivist who is keen to explore the possibilities of gathering items about GGS together for the sake of posterity.


I am assured by the Information Commissioner’s Office that we will be exempt from the requirements of the new Data Protection Act (effective 18 May).  This email is going to every email address we have, though I fear a number will bounce where mailboxes have been changed or are no longer in use. A few OGs have requested postal notification, and we shall accommodate them.


Yours in anticipation


Mike Brayshaw


Old Godhelmian Association

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58 Upper Brighton Rd, Worthing   BN14 9HT

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ERICA HOLL (n'ee Mackey)  died after a long illness at Surrey Hills Nursing Home, Wormley on the 17th November 2013.
  Erica was almost 95 when she died. She was one of the original pupils at Godalming Grammar School attending from 1930 - 1936, when the school first opened. She later worked as a secretary at the Grammar School and her three daughters also attended the school. Erica was one of the founder members of the local tennis club, firstly called the "Rectoria" as they played on the Rectory tennis courts, and later when the club moved to Broadwater Recreation Ground, called Godalming Tennis Club. In latter years Erica was a keen bowls player with the Holloway Hill Club in Godalming.
Erica will be deeply missed by her daughters Gillian, Liz and Judith, their husbands and her grandchildren Susanne, Christopher and Edward. The funeral will be held at 10.30am on Thursday 28th November at Guildford Crematorium.

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